Why Tenant Satisfaction & Deep Cleaning is Critical Amid The COVID-19 Epidemic.

As the spread of the Corona Virus or COVID-19 looms over the planet, its important that medical building owners, and property managers continue to provide their tenants with sound information on how to mitigate these health risks. The ultimate 1st line of defense when it comes to stopping the spread of viruses, infectious diseases & other contaminants in public spaces is the creation of "HEALTHIER INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS". OSHA & LEED compliance measures now becomes the standard norms in ensuring workplace safety.

Sean McCrady, Vice President & Regional Manager for Healthy Buildings Testing & Diagnostics Division, explains that at least 90% of our time indoors, exposing us to indoor pollutants and environmental hazards; which is causing building occupants to gravitate towards living spaces that educates them more and more about their indoor environments. Although, commercial building owners and investors are often asked about the air quality in their tenant work-spaces, it must now become a priority that includes a more frequented deep cleaning not only of the facilities but of the air quality as well.

Even though the spread of the coronavirus in the United States is inevitable, infection control specialists may be weary of this disease spreading throughout healthcare facilities, once patients begin getting treated for the COVID-109 virus. A new study published by Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology breaks down the findings of these infection specialists. Researchers from Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong reported than none of the hospital workers contracted COVID-19, although no hospital-acquired cases were identified, even though the hospital tested 1,275 suspected cases and treated 42 active cases, Health 24 reports.

Best Practices and the latest recommendations dictate the importance of Training, Green Building LEED initiative, precautionary measures (washing hands) and a daily deep cleaning program that focuses on air quality and the overall satisfaction of tenants. Education will be key in moving forward over the next 2-3 years. We have added some additional resources for the benefit of spreading the word. In addition, ISSA and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of ISSA, have issued a statement about the Wuhan coronavirus and will continue to monitor and provide updated information about the outbreak.

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