Why COVID-19 Changes Everything: New Lessons in Facility Management”

The cleaning industry, over the last 10 years has see a huge shift in customer expectations when it comes to the cleanliness of their facilities. The trend for cleaning for healthier environments is forcing Building Service Contractors to be more thorough in their ability to provide a diverse array of effective services. This makes it vital for service companies to find ways to increase efficiency and to create a evolve concerning the digital landscape in building maintenance.

Given, the nature of America’s trade wars with China and the delicate balance of domestic manufactured products verses cost-efficient products that come from different parts of the world mainly China; the realization is that COVID-19 has caused Building Owners, Asset Managers, Medical office investors and those within the Facility Management industry to rethink what it actually means to manage a facility in the age of digital disruption.

The process can be likened to the story of Samih Darwazah who was born “Born in Nablus, Palestine, and at the age of six started his own business selling candied apples. He used to watch other merchants sell their crafts and would mimic them by drawing in the customers with the promise of fresh, delicious flavors. After successfully finishing his first batch, Samih decided to add another product, chickpea sweets. It was then that the entrepreneurial spirit began to grow within Samih. Some forty-two years later he would establish his company, Hikma Pharmaceuticals” and as they say the rest is history.

Subliminally, the building industry needs to understand the context of Global trade, China role in human affairs as the Global Walmart, the pharmaceutical industry and the implications of COVID-19 that will extend years after the disease has come to a halt. The new Science of “Facility Management” then takes into consideration Technological & Scientific warfare, 5G technology, Russia/USA/China relations, and the willingness to no overlook Japan’s new Management practices that will surface sometime in the future.

The Japanese word Kaizen means “Change for Better” or continuous improvement and the word crisis in Chinese linguistics’ means “Opportunity”. These global waves of change are great opportunities to. In Lyn Birkbeck’s book Understanding the Future “A Survivors guide to riding the cosmic wave” highlights in a chapter called “Jupiter Waves” the importance of seeing past the intensified narrative of the times. The Coronavirus is a real pandemic that should be taken seriously. Yet, windy conditions may make you forget that breakthrough’s in Healthcare, Science and Technology isn’t going to affect your bottom line in years to come, or that $1.8 Billion in Vacuum cleaners were imported from China in 2017.

One of the reasons Lexington Janitorial Cleaning Company has made it our mission to focus on best practices, value-added business models and business communications in response to customer service is because of how we view client engagement. How does a cleaning company routinely go about engage its clients? We have come to understand that the lack of client engagement results in a disconnect between building owners and their respective cleaning company. Messages are often delayed and over time managers become out of touch, causing these corporate managers to spend way too much time with cleaning issues.

You should expect your cleaning company to have a communications program, as well as a regular management level presence in your building or space. If they cannot guarantee this, it is likely because their managers are in charge of dozens of buildings. This means they may not have the bandwidth to visit yours regularly.

A good cleaning company should be able to provide quarterly or semi-annual reporting. This feedback will help drive planning and strategy and improve efficiencies. Some important reporting topics are:

• Cleaning recommendations

• Inspection results

• Customer satisfaction and feedback

• Sustainability reports

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