5 ways to maintain Tenant Satisfaction amid a Pending & Pessimistic Downward Cycle

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

Congratulations to all building owners and facility managers that is taking the time, energy and efforts needed to curb the spread of this CONVID-19. Yes, this global pandemic seems to be getting worse and is looking like many more individuals will become affected by this virus. Yet, the greatest opportunity has arisen for you to update your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. This self-regulating business model will help your organization to become more accountable to yourself, stakeholders and the public at large. You can become more conscious of the kinds of impact you can have on all aspects of society including economic, social and environmental.

Although, it seems like you are doing everything imaginable to keep your tenants happy. It’s not an easy process to anticipate tenant needs, compete with ergonomic space concepts and research the latest trends for developing new digital platforms of success while trying to put out daily fires. It’s no secret that tenant satisfaction impacts your bottom line. Given, the way the stock markets are currently underperforming you need a new way of looking at what constitutes success. AwareManager, who is now Building Engines Company, explains that “Tenant Communication is like a Sales Process, and that you have to think about in that manner”. You need be plugged in to the pulse of your tenant needs that goes beyond facts and figures.

Below are 5 ways that will give you a perspective with respect to your current business models, that can secure the hearts and minds of your most coveted partners.

Help Tenants to Achieve Their Mission: See your clients as agents of change that is helping you to create greater dynamics in the world.

Become a Value Creator: Help Tenants to Plan & Master Change within their own industries. What humanitarian efforts could you take on that would give your clients a new perspective of your operations?

Adapt the Servant Leadership Hashtag: Help them to dominate their marketplace from the bottom up versus top down. Robert Greenleaf, founder of Servant Leadership determined that SL substantially contributed to the development of trust amongst followers. Tenant satisfaction involves your client begin able to trust your motives.

Become Financial Astrologers: Help tenants to see around the corner and allow their success to become an extension of your brand. J.P. Morgan once stated that “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, but Billionaires do”.

Create Healthier Indoor Environments: The promotion of adequate ventilation is Everything to a client. Although, the best time to add ventilation is during the design phase make sure that breathing easy is on the agenda.

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